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2009 Ultimate Yellowstone

As many of you know this is a trip I have done many times. This year we were there January 24-31st. It still remains one of my favorites trips as I can never get enough of Yellowstone National Park. This trip broke the temperature record for me as one morning when we went through the park entrance it was -39F. Yet by noon that day it was above zero! We had great photo opportunities that morning for "sundogs" which are like rainbows in the summer only instead of rain it is ice crystals in the air.

We were able to photograph a number of species of wildlife including, elk, bison, trumpeter swan, bighorn sheep, pronghorn antelope and wolves!

Also we spent time in the interior of this "winter wonderland" photographing, mountain scenics, waterfalls, thermal features which included geysers, fumaroles, hot pools, and mud pots, and the snow and ice covered "ghost trees".

Need to see more? Check out my favorite photos in Yellowstone Winter.

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