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Yellowstone & Grand Tetons in Autumn

Click to enlargeFor the second straight year I led this tour. We hit fall color at its peak in the Tetons and this time around we had weather conditions that gave us a little of everything, from brilliant blue skies, to dark clouds and rain, to snow in Yellowstone! This trip coincided with the full moon and we stayed out late and photographed the rising moon along the Madison River. Can you believe we were lucky enough to get elk crossing in the moonbeam on the water? Other highlights included a number of good moose opportunities in the Tetons as well as a herd of rambunctious bison giving us great action opportunities. In Yellowstone we photographed, elk, bighorn, bison and had a long distance view of a grizzly bear. All in all a great trip.

Had a good chance to check out the new Lexar Professional 300x CompactFlash memory card on this trip. It is so fast that I never noticed a slow down in my Canon 20Dís when photographing action. It is also blazing fast during downloads, highly recommended!

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