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Private Ranches of the Rio Grande Valley

Click to enlargeWhat a nice break from the cold weather up north, it was 9 degrees when I left Billings, MT and 88 degrees when I arrived in McAllen, Texas. From Dec 1-7, 2007 my small group and I photographed on four private ranches utilizing specially designed photo blinds at various waterholes. The resident wildlife did not disappoint us as we photographed over 36 species of birds and mammals. Several were firsts for me including a Tarantula Hawk Wasp with a tarantula!! I also photographed a Verdin, Audubon's Oriole and Olive Sparrow for the first time. Some other species included Armadillo, Barn Owl, Black-throated Sparrow, Caracara, Chachalaca, Green Jay, Harris Hawk, Javalina, White-tailed Deer, and Pyrrhuloxia.