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North Dakota Wildlife Model Shoot

Click to enlargeWow is all I can say about the photo shoot in North Dakota this year. On April 26, 27, and 28th, 2008 I once again led a trip for Minnesota Wildlife Connection to the badlands of Medora, North Dakota. In three and a half days I shot more than 10,000 images of bobcat, badger, coyote, wolves, mountain lion, wild horses, and sharp-tailed grouse performing on a lek. We had mixed weather with snow, wind, and short sleeved temperatures.

Click to enlargeLee also brought along (5) month old wolf pups and we teamed these little guys up with a sub-adult male who babysat and dug a den for the little guys which resulted in fantastic behavior images. I brought along 2 photo blinds and set up at a nearby sharp-tailed grouse lek. The grouse were so anxious to dance that I had birds in my lap just minutes after the blinds went up.

Click to enlargeDuring long lunches and evenings photographers visited Theodore Roosevelt National Park. The wild horses were very good this spring with lots of family groups, bachelor bands and action. I plan to lead this trip again next spring. If this is the photo shoot for you then I advise you sign up early as it is limited to 9 photographers.