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Mike's Trip Reports

2010 Yellowstone "Custom" Winter

Learn more...What a great way to spend the winter! During January - March 2010 I spent five weeks leading photo tours in "Wonderland". This year the temperatures were mild and snow depth was minimal. Perfect for photography! Each group I led was...

Read the 2010 Yellowstone "Custom" Winter Trip Report

2009 Fall Bears of Katmai Alaska

Learn more...Another in a long line of fun photo shoots with the Brown Bears of Katmai NP in Alaska. This photo shoot took place from September 10-16, 2009 with Chuck Keim of Coastal Outfitters. Our group of 8 photographers met on Kodiak Island and float planed out to the boat ...

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2009 Wild Horses of the Pryor Mountains

Learn more...During the first two weeks of July 2009 I led several private tours into the Pryor Mountains of Montana/Wyoming after wild horses in wild flowers. This summer the wild flowers were spectacular as were the mustangs ...

Read the 2009 Wild Horses Trip Report

2009 Ultimate Yellowstone!

Learn more...As many of you know this is a trip I have done many times. This year we were there January 24-31st. It still remains one of my favorites trips as I can never get enough of Yellowstone National Park. This trip broke the temperature record for me as one morning when we went ...

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2009 North Dakota Wildlife

Learn more...For the third time in three years I once again led the photo shoot for Minnesota Wildlife Connection to the badlands of North Dakota. As always we were there the last weekend of April. This year the weather was a mixed bag with wind, cold, snow, and rain with a few sun breaks ...

Read the 2009 North Dakota Wildlife Trip Report

2008 African Safari

Learn more...From July 26 - August 21st of 2008 a small group of (8) photographers experienced the trip of a life time traveling to four different countries in Africa. On this trip I personally photographed over 80 wildlife species, this included several endangered species including wild dog, mountain gorilla and golden monkey! On many days ...

Read the 2008 African Safari Trip Report

2008 North Dakota Wildlife Model Shoot

Learn more...Wow is all I can say about the photo shoot in North Dakota this year. On April 26, 27, and 28th, 2008 I once again led a trip for Minnesota Wildlife Connection to the badlands of Medora, North Dakota. In three and a half days I shot more than 10,000 images of bobcat, badger, coyote, wolves, mountain lion, wild horses, and sharp-tailed grouse performing ...

Read the 2008 Badlands Trip Report

2008 Ultimate Yellowstone

Learn more...This is a trip I have done numerous times. This winter there was more snow than we have had in many winters! In fact the day we went to the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone we were going through snow drifts so high...

Read the 2008 Ultimate Yellowstone Trip Report

2007 Private Ranches of the Rio Grande Valley

Learn more...What a nice break from the cold weather up north, it was 9 degrees when I left Billings, MT and 88 degrees when I arrived in McAllen, Texas. From Dec 1-7, 2007 my small group and I photographed on four private ranches utilizing specially designed photo blinds at...

Read the 2007 Private Ranches of the Rio Grande Valley Trip Report

2007 Yellowstone & Grand Tetons in Autumn

Learn more...We hit fall color at its peak in the Tetons and this time around we had weather conditions that gave us a little of everything, from brilliant blue skies, to dark clouds and rain, to snow in Yellowstone!

Read the 2007 Yellowstone & Grand Tetons Trip Report

2007 Bald Eagles & Bears of Katmai Alaska

Learn more...Another fantastic photo shoot! My 8th trip with Chuck Keim of Coastal Outfitters took place from June 10-20, 2007. Our group of seven photographers met June 8th on Kodiak Island and the next day explored the island by vehicle. The following morning we flew by floatplane to the 60 foot boat which was to be our home for the next 10 days...

Read the 2007 Katmai Trip Report

2007 North Dakota Wildlife Model Shoot

Learn more...On April 27-29, 2007 I led a photo trip for The Minnesota Wildlife Connection to the rugged badlands of Medora, North Dakota. We were able to photograph the "trained" animals free roaming in this spectacular scenery. Animal models included coyote, wolves (including month old pups), mountain lions, bobcat, porcupine, and badger.

Read the 2007 Badlands Trip Report